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EXCLUSIVE Review: NEW 2025 CSC Motorcycles Wolf 125 (Part One)

Is the CSC Wolf 125 the TOWN and TRAIL motorcycle you have been waiting for?


CSC Motorcycles has been offering “Fun You Can Afford” since 2014 when it introduced the wildly popular RX3 Adventure. This 250cc touring motorcycle redefined the dual sport market by combining technology and economy in a bargain-priced, fully equipped “ADV” bike.


Now, CSC Motorcycles is poised to upset the industry again with the new, 2025 CSC Wolf 125. This is an all-road, town and trail motorcycle that has obvious similarities to the iconic Honda CT90, which was imported to the U.S. beginning in 1965. The immediate success of the CT90 was followed by the CT110 and then the CT125, along with the street-version Super Cub.

Over the years, MILLIONS of these 125cc motorcycles (now including the Honda Monkey) have been sold around the world. In contrast to “Bigger is Better” marketing (including Honda’s 1800cc Gold Wing models), the diminutive 125cc motorcycles OUTSELL the glamorous, high-tech alternatives.


After the 60-year monopoly by Honda in the 125cc market, the announcement of the 2025 CSC Motorcycles Wolf 125 in North America caused a tidal wave of interest. I was fortunate to be the FIRST to put the CSC Wolf through several offroad riding tests. My Ride Reports will follow in the next article in this series. But first, I feel it is necessary to provide some important background information:


Who is CSC Motorcycles? Where is the CSC Wolf 125 manufactured?

CSC Motorcycles is based in Azusa, California. CSC is the exclusive importer of motorcycles manufactured by Zonsen in China. Zonsen is one of the largest motorcycle and engine manufacturers in the world, producing over 5 MILLION units per year! Sales in Asia are under the Zonsen (Zongshen) and Cyclone brands. Much of this production is private labeled, including CSC Motorcycles in North America, where CSC specifies the component details for each model and handles the certification for D.O.T. and E.P.A. regulations.


CSC Motorcycles is rare in the industry because it intentionally avoids sales via a dealer network. CSC specializes in smaller, economical motorcycles (both gas and electric.) Selling direct to the motorcycle rider saves the consumer at least 15% to 20% on the total cost. Then CSC negotiates flat rate shipping direct to the buyer’s address. CSC supports the owners with warranties, a full parts inventory, online motorcycle manuals, and video tutorials for common maintenance tasks. For more information on CSC’s direct-to-the-consumer business model and background on Zonsen, please see the previous article at

Why a 125cc motorcycle? Is the CSC Wolf 125 simply a Honda copy?


The first and obvious answer is that the Honda 125cc models are historic best sellers. When it comes to consumer goods, I can’t think of another product that is a worldwide sales leader which has had virtually NO competitive alternatives for more than 50 years. Kudos to Zonsen for finally making the investment in the production of this model, and to CSC Motorcycles for investing the time and money to obtain approvals for the new Wolf 125.

But the primary reason for the 125cc CSC Wolf model is that this engine is already a best seller for Zonsen Motorcycle. It is hard for American motorcycle riders to understand, but the 125cc engine is the STANDARD in the rest of the world.


Zonsen 125cc engines (and 110cc and 140cc variants) are supplied for many motorcycle and scooter brands. The engine in the new Wolf 125 is not a Honda rip off! These small engines are currently found in ATVs, go carts, buggies and “tuk tuk” 3-wheeled vehicles. In addition, Zonsen manufactures generators, pumps, and agricultural equipment with similar engines.  In total, Zonsen manufactures MILLIONS of these small engines – in fact, many MORE than Honda!

Zonsen is also an outsource supplier to other brands and manufactures additional millions of engine components. Manufacturers, including Honda, now outsource their small engine and component manufacturing. Only a tiny fraction of worldwide small engine production is sold to finicky Americans for their pampered recreational toys. The majority of small engines are supplied to markets where the 125cc vehicle may be the sole means of transportation for the family or business. In many of these applications, these simple, rugged motors may see little or no maintenance in day-to-day operations.

You now know the WHY and HOW of the new, 2025 CSC Wolf 125.

The Zonsen version (the “Yemi”) has been available elsewhere for TWO years! CSC Motorcycles has now completed the laborious and expensive DOT and EPA regulatory processes and is bringing the “Americanized” Wolf 125 trail motorcycle to an excited, waiting market for 2025.

Here is a sneak peek of this exciting new model coming SOON as the CSC Wolf 125:

Why the excitement surrounding this new model? After 60 years, Zonsen has produced – and CSC Motorcycles is marketing – the US-approved 125cc motorcycle that matches the venerable Honda CT in both appearance and performance – but at a price that is THOUSANDS less!


The MSRP base price of the 2025 CSC Wolf 125cc motorcycle will be ONLY $1,995.00*.

In an interview with Steve Seidner, President of CSC Motorcycles, I learned that they are bringing the Wolf 125 to North America to serve TWO primary types of riders:


First, the CSC Wolf 125 is the perfect FIRST motorcycle for the new rider. It is small, lightweight, with a step-through frame and low center of gravity. The Wolf 125 has a four-speed semi-automatic transmission WITHOUT a hand clutch. The 125cc motor is famous for delivering terrific economy, often exceeding 125 miles per gallon. The motor is simple and dependable. Annual maintenance consists of an oil change – which the CSC tutorials help you complete for about $20.00!

The riding ease and economy also appeals to the experienced rider who needs a simple and dependable motorcycle for commuting to work or school. Anyone who has ridden a larger motorcycle compares riding the nimble 125cc CSC Wolf to riding a bicycle! The Wolf 125 can be wheeled into the smallest parking spot or stored in a hallway or closet. But the CSC Wolf is not stripped down. The STOCK Wolf 125 is delivered complete with electronic fuel injection, battery with electric starter, backup kick starter, LED lights and turn signals, a rear cargo rack, side kickstand and center stand, plus an electronic dash with gear indicator, odometer, trip odometer, fuel gauge and clock.


With a base MSRP price of only $1,995.00*, the CSC Wolf 125 costs less than most E-bikes and many pedal bicycles! (You eliminate the hassles of recharging an Ebike.) You can purchase a highway-capable CSC Wolf 125 for about the same price as many underpowered scooters.


The urban commuter or road rider can also have CSC install driving lights (prewired into the headlight high beams), a windshield, lockable rear cargo box, and cast wheels with tubeless tires.

The second market served by the CSC Wolf 125 are adventurers. From the beginning, the Honda CT90 was marketed to campers, hunters, and ranchers. It was a trail bike that could substitute for a cow pony or pack mule, haul fishermen into remote waters, or take explorers into the backcountry – and back on a gallon of gas. The lightweight cycle is perfect for carrying to the trailhead on a rear hitch rack or inside your toy hauler RV. The low price makes owning His and Hers models an affordable reality – at LESS than the price of ONE CT125!


CSC Motorcycles is catering to this market by offering upgrades that include engine guards, hand guards, skid plates, larger knobby tires, added cargo racks, reserve fuel tanks, and suspension mods. There are even tan or green camouflage paint options!

Summary to this Introduction of the series: Why the excitement over the new CSC Wolf 125?


  • Unlike the Honda CT125 that is only available in one color per model year, the CSC Wolf will be available in your choice of FOUR colors, plus tan or green camouflage paint jobs!

  • Unlike Honda dealerships, CSC Motorcycles will be stocking a FULL LINE of accessories for the Wolf 125. Not only can you purchase these inexpensive accessories, but CSC will INSTALL the accessories at NO CHARGE when you order your new cycle!

  • Unlike the Honda CT125, the new CSC Wolf is available with standard spoked wheels (tires and inner tubes) OR cast wheels with TUBELESS tires for commuting and highway riding.

  • *Unlike Honda dealerships, CSC Motorcycles charges a LOW, flat rate pre-delivery and documentation fee. Your new Wolf 125 is ready to ride as soon as you add gasoline. Your new Wolf 125 will be easy to register and insure with the provided Manufacturers Statement of Origin and CSC invoice.

  • *Unlike Honda dealerships, there is no waiting for months for your motorcycle. CSC offers LOW, flat rate shipping right to your door. In only one or two weeks, your Wolf 125 will be delivered, and the riding begins! Of course, if you are within driving range of CSC Motorcycles in Azusa, you are always welcome to take delivery there and SAVE the shipping cost!

  • Unlike Honda dealerships, CSC Motorcycles empowers YOU to complete the basic maintenance tasks like changing oil or drive sprockets. The Wolf 125 requires very little maintenance, and you can avoid the dealer shop rates of $150 per hour by doing it yourself. A full Owner’s Manual is provided online along with video tutorials on the most common maintenance procedures. If you need additional help, CSC will assist you in finding an Authorized Service Center in your area.

  • Honda dealerships often don’t stock the small 125cc cycles, nor the parts to maintain them. When you need a part, the dealer needs to order it. Not only do you need to wait but the dealer adds markup making everything unnecessarily expensive. Again, CSC Motorcycles cuts out the middleman selling inexpensive parts and accessories direct to the consumer from a full inventory of 100% parts for the Wolf 125.


When you purchase your new Wolf 125 motorcycle, you join the CSC Motorcycles family. Owners are encouraged to meetup for group rides, as well as share experiences, tips and modifications in the growing online community.


The CSC Wolf 125 is a minimalist, retro design that is timeless. If the Honda CT series is a valid comparison, many 10- and 20-year-old models sell for their original retail price! Fun and economical transportation never go out of style and are more important than ever.

Thanks for staying with me as I outlined the important background for this new, exciting motorcycle model. If the Honda CT-series (and Super Cub) are the best-selling motorcycles in HISTORY, it is equally historic that CSC Motorcycles (and its manufacturing partner, Zonsen) are wading into this vast market.


Next – what you have been waiting for - my FIRST RIDING impressions of the new CSC Wolf 125!


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