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Introducing: the NEW, 2025 CSC Motorcycles Wolf 125cc

The fun, commuter and trail motorcycle you have always wanted – for LESS!


Honda upset the motorcycle industry in 1965 with the introduction of the CT90 – a lightweight cycle with an automatic clutch that anyone could ride. The Honda CT90 was designed with a step-through frame. It didn’t look, sound, or drive like other motorcycles – and Honda marketed the new cycle to an entirely different audience.


Do you remember the magazine advertisements from the 1960’s? “You meet the nicest people on a Honda”. Notice the selling price in this 1965 ad: $215.00

The Honda Trail was an instant hit with commuters, ranchers, and housewives. The lightweight, easy shifting motorcycle was more maneuverable than the bulky scooters that predated its introduction. It was nothing like the loud and crude motorcycles of the time. To this day, the Honda Trail remains a sentimental favorite and older models are collector’s items. The 1974 model shown below is now part of a museum display. It is owned by Tony & CJ Phillips. The original purchase price? $400.00 – but would sell today for 10 times that amount!

Honda targeted hunters, fishermen, commuters, and outdoorsmen with the Trail 90. Early ads often placed the bikes in wilderness settings. The CT90 was a motorized pack mule or cow pony. It offered an escape into the wilds. They were well suited to narrow trails, being small and lightweight, with a forgiving suspension. The bike was ideal for climbing hills and carrying packs. The four-stroke engine was quiet and extremely fuel-efficient.

The CT90 motorcycle was manufactured by Honda from 1966 to 1979. The CT90 was replaced in 1980 by the CT110, which was identical but bored out to 105cc. The CT110 was discontinued in 1986 but revived as the modernized CT125 in the U.S. in 2020. Along with the Honda Cub street version, the Trail 125 (or “Hunter Cub”) remains one of Honda’s most enduring models.


But 2020 also marks when the love affair with this simple motorcycle turned rocky. Today, Honda motorcycle dealers avoid stocking the small 125cc cycles. With other Honda models ranging from 500cc to over 1,800cc – and with price tags exceeding $30,000 – the dealers (and sales staff) prefer to steer shoppers to the larger models. At the same time, inflation has caught up to the Honda CT125 and the current MSRP is $4,099.00. To this figure, Honda dealers add $300 for incoming freight, plus several hundred dollars more for set up and paperwork fees.


When the prospective buyer sees a final price of over $5,000 including taxes and license, the appeal of the fun CT125 is severely diminished. You can buy many larger and more capable motorcycles for the same price! You can buy a decent used CAR for less!

It is now 60 YEARS since the first ads promised the fun and freedom of riding small motorcycles. The wilds are STILL accessible to small, versatile motorcycles. The fuel economy of over 100 miles per gallon is even MORE appealing than it was in the 1960’s when gasoline cost only 25 CENTS a gallon! For 60 years we have waited for a manufacturer to offer an alternative to the now overpriced and hard-to-find Honda CT125.


Introducing the NEW, 2025 CSC Motorcycles Wolf 125cc city and trail motorcycle!


CSC Motorcycles has partnered with Zonsen Motorcycles to bring the new Wolf 125 to North America. Zonsen has been manufacturing 125cc motorcycle engines for decades. Unlike the huge motorcycles that are common in the U.S., the economical 125cc cycle is the STANDARD in much of the world. In addition, in many markets that Zonsen supplies, 125cc motorcycles are not recreational toys but the sole transportation for the family or business. Not only must these motorcycles be dependable and efficient, they also must operate for years with little or no maintenance.


After 60 years, Zonsen has produced a 125cc motorcycle that matches the venerable Honda CT in both appearance and performance – but at a price that is THOUSANDS less!


CSC Motorcycles has completed the DOT and EPA regulatory processes and is bringing the Wolf 125 trail motorcycle to North America for 2025.

The MSRP price of the 2025 CSC Wolf 125cc motorcycle will be ONLY $1,995.00*.


But there is MORE:

  • Unlike the Honda CT125 that is only available in one color per model year, the CSC Wolf will be available in your choice of FOUR colors, plus tan or green camouflage paint jobs!

  • Unlike Honda dealerships, CSC Motorcycles will be stocking a FULL LINE of accessories for the Wolf 125. Not only can you purchase these inexpensive accessories, but CSC will INSTALL the accessories at NO CHARGE when you order your new cycle!

  • Unlike the Honda CT125, the new CSC Wolf is available with the standard spoked wheels (tires and inner tubes) OR cast wheels with TUBELESS tires for commuting and highway riding.

  • *Unlike Honda dealerships, CSC Motorcycles charges a LOW, flat rate pre-delivery and documentation fee. Your new Wolf 125 is ready to ride as soon as you add gasoline. Your new Wolf 125 will be easy to register and insure with the provided Manufacturers Statement of Origin and CSC invoice.

  • Unlike Honda dealerships, there is no waiting for months for your motorcycle. CSC offers LOW, flat rate shipping right to your door. In only one or two weeks, your Wolf 125 will be delivered, and the riding begins!

  • Unlike Honda dealerships, CSC Motorcycles empowers YOU to complete the basic maintenance tasks like changing oil or drive sprockets. The Wolf 125 requires very little maintenance, and you can avoid the dealer shop rates of $150 per hour by doing it yourself. Changing oil takes less than 15 minutes and costs less than $20.00! A full Owner’s Manual is provided online along with video tutorials on the most common maintenance procedures. If you need additional help, CSC will assist you in finding an Authorized Service Center in your area.

Honda motorcycles (and other brands) are sold by secondary dealers. Motorcycle dealers are often distracted by selling more profitable RV’s, boats, and lawn tractors. In contrast, CSC Motorcycles are sold ONLY direct to the consumer. The typical motorcycle dealer adds 15% to the total cost of the cycle. Buying direct from CSC cuts out the middleman. At the same time, motorcycle dealers can’t afford to stock parts for the small models that sell only a few units per year. When you need a part, the dealer needs to order it. Not only do you need to wait but the dealer adds markup making everything unnecessarily expensive. Again, CSC Motorcycles cuts out the middleman selling inexpensive parts and accessories direct to the consumer from a full inventory of 100% parts for the Wolf 125.


When you purchase your new Wolf 125 motorcycle, you join the CSC Motorcycles family. We encourage you to join fellow owners for group rides, as well as share experiences, tips and modifications in our growing online community.

Should You Buy a Motorcycle Manufactured in China? You May Already Be Riding a “Chinese” Cycle!


CSC Motorcycles is the exclusive importer in North America (that is, the U.S. and Canada.) for Zonsen motorcycles. Each CSC model is customized for the North American market and assembled to CSC specifications. (In addition to the new Wolf 125, CSC Motorcycles also stocks the very popular TT250 Enduro and SG250 café racer, both with 229cc engines and both sale priced at only $1,995.*) CSC stocks 100% of the parts for each model and administers the sales, delivery, warranty, and aftermarket support for the brand.


Like you, I try to buy American brands whenever possible. But without imported goods, you wouldn’t be reading this article on your computer or smart phone. You wouldn’t be watching videos or movies on your computer or flat screen TV. You wouldn’t have a refrigerator, microwave, or coffee maker. You would also be shoeless and naked. The honest truth is that every brand outsources as much manufacturing as possible to avoid excessive taxation and regulation. Honda recently announced that it was ceasing production of its popular gas engine lawnmowers in the U.S.


It is an undeniable reality that your “American” or “Japanese” or “German” motorcycle (and automobile) probably has critical components that are manufactured in China, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, etc. The labor and manufacturing costs are simply lower, making the completed cycle affordable. Without outsourcing, your total cost would be significantly higher. Would you buy the same product if it cost 30%, 50%, or 75% more?


Honda, a venerable Japanese brand, has also been outsourcing manufacturing, and has production facilities in China, Taiwan, Thailand, and India. Honda has outsourced all small marine engines to China since 2015. It has relied on Chinese manufacturers for complete small engines and components (crank shafts, wiring harnesses, etc.) for many years.


This background only confirms what we all know: We live in a global economy with products that contain materials and assemblies from an array of international enterprises.

CSC Motorcycles designs and imports a few motorcycle models (gas and electric) that best match the riding we do here in North America. Zonsen exports different models in different configurations throughout Asia, Europe, and South America.


What is the Zonsen Industry Group? Are Zonsen/CSC Motorcycles good values?


Zonsen Industry Group Co., Ltd. (formerly referred to as "Zongshen") was established in 1982 under the leadership of Mr. Zuo Zongshen. The company is based in Chongqing, a city of over 31 million residents in southwest China. Chongqing is the technology and manufacturing center in China and is known as “the Detroit” of the nation - despite dwarfing its namesake in size. Chongqing is home to over 200 manufacturers of engines, internal components, controls, and electrical parts.


Zonsen Motorcycle (Chongqing Zonsen Automobile Industry Co., Ltd.) is a key enterprise under Zonsen Industry Group. Zonsen Motorcycle has three main brands: Zonsen, Cineco, and Cyclone including two-wheel gasoline motorcycles, electric motorcycles, and three-wheeled utility vehicles. Zonsen Motorcycle employs over 3,000 workers and has a production capacity of more than 5 million units per year. Much of the production is rebranded in the destination markets, including CSC Motorcycles in North America and AKT Motorcycles in Columbia.


Here is a video that Zonsen produced to highlight its manufacturing expertise and attention to detail:

“State of the art” defines the Zonsen manufacturing processes. The company encompasses a massive campus of more than 1.5 million square feet and relies on the very latest technology throughout the design, manufacturing, assembly, and quality control stages.

Zonsen Motorcycle has manufacturing subsidiaries with brands including Norton, Piaggio and Aprilia. In addition to complete motorcycles, Zonsen also supplies as many as 7 million components annually including private-labeled engines (Piaggio, Selva, Harley Davidson, Barbieri, BMW, and more), motorcycle parts, auto parts, castings, IT parts and others. Zonsen General Power manufactures gasoline engines, generators, power washers, and water pumps, and power tools for worldwide distribution. Zonsen also has secondary manufacturing plants in Vietnam for the production of engines, motorcycles, and scooters.

Is the CSC Motorcycles Wolf 125cc the fun motorcycle you have been waiting for?


At only $1,995.00*, the Wolf 125 is priced less than many quality BICYCLES and much less than most Ebikes. At over 100 miles per gallon, you can commute to work or school for as little as $5.00 per week. Unlike Ebikes, you never need to charge the battery. (The Wolf 125 has electric start AND a back-up kick starter!)


Best of all, the Wolf 125 is a minimalist, retro design that is timeless. If the Honda CT series is a valid comparison, many 10- and 20-year-old models sell for their original retail price! Fun and economical transportation never go out of style and are more important than ever.

The CSC Wolf 125 is a new 2025 model. The first deliveries are expected for Fall 2024 and deposits are now being accepted. Order yours TODAY and join the fun. Welcome to the CSC Motorcycles family! Click HERE for full details.




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