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What Is "RideMiniMotos"?

Motorcycling is HUGELY popular. Riders are passionate about riding,

whether commuting to work or school - or touring cross-country.

"Adventure motorcycling" is the subniche of cross-country touring that alternates between paved and unpaved roads. "ADV" riding typically includes routes restricted to 4x4 vehicles.

RideMiniMotos is dedicated to ALL types of riding on small and light motorcycles.

Ride MiniMotos banner.png promotes riding small motorcycles - AND scooters.

Your reasons may vary, but you LOVE riding small bikes!

We are here to promote riding small cycles and to maximize your FUN and MILES.

For too many people, "motorcycles" have acquired a negative connotation. The term has become synonymous with the largest, loudest, and most expensive cycles. Many brands now offer overpowered motorcycles with more than 1,000cc's and more than 100 horsepower. These bikes can exceed $30,000, even $50,000. And this doesn’t include thousands of additional dollars spent on logo clothing, luggage, navigation systems, and more.

lost with mike.jpg

RideMiniMotos is here to dispel the false belief that your experiences are proportional to the SIZE of your motorcycle!


Mike Sanders (pictured above) rode his 49cc Honda Ruckus 1,500 miles from his home in Virginia to Key West, Florida. Then he set his GPS for Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and rode 6,000 miles to his final destination! To date, Mike has accumulated over 69,000 miles - never exceeding 40 miles per hour. (Read more at his blog, Lost With Mike.)

You may have far lesser goals! Your MiniMoto may be your "daily driver" instead of a bulky gas-guzzler. Your MiniMoto may be your means of escape to nearby attractions or far-flung friends and family. There are are as many reasons for riding a MiniMoto as there are riders.

In general, rejects the overpowered and overpriced status motorcycles. We travel on smaller and lighter motorcycles under 250cc - and often 125cc or even 50cc scoots!

When traveling on Mini Moto Bikes, by necessity, we carry a minimum of gear. Our camping gear is largely interchangeable with bikepackers and backpackers, and we prioritize both minimal weight and bulk. (See also for related travel articles.)

Our rides on Mini Motos whether local or distant, allow us to cover the most distance with the “lightest” environmental impact, including the lowest fuel consumption.


Some Mini Moto enthusiasts have a singular reason for rejecting larger motorcycles. Other riders strive to minimize their cost, equipment, and environmental impact. We all enjoy traveling farther and more often. These benefits extend to the Mini Moto newcomer as well as extending the riding opportunities for older riders and smaller, lighter men and women. 

red cub city.jpg

Many may say, Mini Motos are just returning to basics - and they would be correct!

Small, uncomplicated cycles predate modern, super bikes. It is only recently that technology and marketing has redefined motorcycling into a pasttime that requires 5-year loans!

Others might state that the popularity of Mini Motos is a response to societal excess. They are also correct as the “minimalism” trend spreads to tiny homes, vanlife, the digital nomad lifestyle and now to motorized travel.

We continue to destroy the "norms" like Angelo and Johnny, pictured below, who completed

the demanding 4,000-mile Trans-America Trail on 125cc Mini Motos

Honda-CT125-TAT some guy rides.jpg is here to encourage the return to a simpler, sustainable travels.
In the process, hopes to welcome new (and returning) minimalist riders.

I have thousands of miles of motorcycle riding and touring experience - from 50cc to 1700ccs! Of all the bikes that I have owned, there are simply more "Smiles per Mile" on Mini Motos. I hope you agree and will Like the related articles and Subscribe to the GreatOutThere blog for continual new content.

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