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FINALLY! An Affordable Alternative to the CT125. ALL the Motorcycle Fun; HALF the Price!

Updated: Jul 12

The fun 125cc commuter and trail motorcycle you want – for LESS!


Ever since Honda introduced the CT90 trail bike back in the 1960’s, I have wanted one! What’s not to like? The little motorcycle is inexpensive, quiet, economical, and dependable. You can run errands in town, then load it on a rear hitch carrier and transport it to camp or to a distant trail head.

Honda’s marketing was inspired. They never attempted to market the CT90 trail bike to hardcore bikers. Instead, they targeted housewives and students, campers, ranchers and hunters. The Honda CT90 was a motorcycle designed for people who otherwise had no interest in motorcycle riding. Even my mom wanted one!

Fast forward 60 years and the original Honda CT90 is now the CT125. The basic design remains the same, but the larger engine is now paired with modern fuel injection, a digital dash, and LED lights. While buyers appreciated the economy of the CT90 in the 1960’s when gas was 25-cents a gallon, current owners rave about riding the CT125 and logging over 100 miles per gallon at today’s prices!


So why are CT125 forums and owner’s groups on Facebook full of negative posts? If the CT125 motorcycle is the pinnacle of versatility what are owners (and prospective owners) complaining about?


1. Poor availability. Most Honda dealers typically stock ONE CT125. It’s obvious that they prefer to sell Honda 500’s and 1800cc Goldwings with much higher profit margins. Many dealers don’t stock the CT125 and only take orders, with delivery that can take months. Apparently, the production of the CT125 is limited and dealers are only allotted a small number per year.


2. No color choices. It’s a small thing, but not everyone wants a yellow motorcycle, or green, or red – or whatever the single “color of the year” is. Next year, if you want to buy a matching CT125 you are out of luck.


3. Lack of accessories. The Honda website lists 2 (TWO) accessories for the CT125. $106.23 for a small rack for the step-through area seems a little overpriced! Because the CT125 (Hunter Cub) is sold around the world, many North American owners are forced to order accessories from China, the Philippines, or other Asian sources.


4. Dealer service departments. This is not a complaint that is exclusive to Honda owners. MOST motorcycle owners dread taking their bike into the dealership. First, the hourly rate is typically around $150 per hour, and few services are not charged for two or more hours, plus shop supplies, waste and disposal fees. Second, most shops are painfully overbooked and SLOW. You might not get an appointment for several weeks, and then need to wait longer for the service to be completed. Finally, satisfaction with the completed repairs is dismal. There are legions of stories about being charged for services (valve adjustments, for example) that were never completed. Others complain about misdiagnosis of problems adding to time delays. Then there is the high cost of parts (even basic oil and filters) on top of the expensive labor. In the end, most motorcycles will not be returned without a bill that totals several hundred dollars – even for a basic machine like the Honda CT125.


Side note: Sadly, some dealerships are also notorious for fraudulent warranty claims. Manufacturers routinely contact owners to follow-up on warranty claims – only to learn that the motorcycle was not taken to the dealership for the claimed repair.


5. The HIGH purchase price of the CT125. Like all things, inflation has caught up to the Honda CT125 and the current MSRP is $4,099.00. To this figure, Honda dealers add $300 for incoming freight, plus several hundred dollars more for set up and paperwork fees. The “out the door” price ends up totaling over $5,000 including taxes and license – but not including insurance! That’s a price that cuts into the “fun factor” of this little trail bike. Many buyers choose larger and more powerful motorcycles for the same price – or even used cars!

You want to enjoy the FUN and ECONOMY of a basic 125cc motorcycle. The CT125 SHOULD be the PERFECT first motorcycle for new riders, students, and RV owners. It also has unique features that should make it the PERFECT second or third motorcycle in your garage. What is the alternative to the high price and frustrating ownership experience of the CT125?


Introducing the NEW, 2025 CSC Motorcycles Wolf 125. The town and trail motorcycle that delivers on the original promises of the CT!

FINALLLY - 60 years after the introduction of the CT90 - CSC Motorcycles has partnered with Zonsen Motorcycles to bring the new Wolf 125 to North America. Zonsen has produced a 125cc motorcycle that matches the venerable Honda CT in both appearance and performance – but at a price that is THOUSANDS less!


CSC Motorcycles has completed the DOT and EPA regulatory processes and is bringing the Wolf 125 trail motorcycle to North America for 2025. The MSRP price will be ONLY $1,995.00*.

Zonsen has been manufacturing HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of 125cc motorcycle engines for decades. Unlike the huge motorcycles that are common in the U.S., the economical 125cc cycle is the STANDARD in much of the world. In addition, in many markets that Zonsen supplies, 125cc motorcycles are not recreational toys but the sole transportation for the family or business. Not only must these motorcycles be dependable and efficient, they also must operate for years with little or no maintenance.

BUT – does the new 125cc CSC Wolf deliver on the promise? Is the CSC Wolf a legitimate option for anyone longing for a fun and economical 125cc motorcycle for town and trail? Stay tuned for Part Two of this series where I put the FIRST CSC Wolf 125 to the test in the mountains and high desert!

Here is Sneak Peak of some of the FUN - ridng the CSC Wolf 125 on the Senator Highway in the Prescott Mountains, between Prescott and Crown King, Arizona:

*CSC Motorcycles will charge a low, flat rate pre-delivery and documentation fee. Buyers can have accessories installed at NO CHARGE during the pre-delivery process. CSC also offers low, flat rate shipping direct to your address!

CT125 motorcycle


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