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Enjoy All the Benefits of Freeze Dried Foods for FREE

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Share your experiences with friends - and receive referral bonuses.

Though this series, we have discussed home dehydration of foods and the advantages of freeze-dried foods - BOTH for home food storage and meals why traveling and camping. Freeze-dried foods have longer shelf life, and retain more flavor, texture, and nutrition than dehydrated foods.

In addition, unless you have unlimited time and unlimited home-grown produce, freeze-dried foods are also more COST EFFECTIVE. Freeze-dried foods eliminate the space requirements for food prep and allow you to concentrate more food in less space - a crucial advantage for people in small homes, apartment dwellers along with #vandwellers and full-time RV travelers.

In this article, I want to offer one more advantage of freeze-dried foods - specifically FD foods supplied by the largest processor and direct-to-the consumer brand, Thrive Life. Thrive Foods is the largest food freeze-drying company in the U.S. – and yet you’ve probably never heard of them!

For all the benefits, this may be the first time you have learned of Thrive Life. Why? Simply because Thrive does not advertise, and they don’t need to! The company is experiencing record growth, year after year, ONLY because they reward their customers for telling friends and neighbors about the full selection of freeze-dried foods. The massive savings in advertising costs are then passed along in everyday low prices and monthly specials.

Thrive Life is now the largest food freeze-drying company in the U.S. They buy directly from the largest producers who harvest fruits and vegetables at the peak of maturity for taste and nutrition. The fully ripened produce is first flash frozen immediately after harvest, then freeze-dried to preserve the maximum percentage of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Only the water content is removed.

If you REALLY like something, you are happy to tell others! Your "social media" is FULL of recommendations for products and services. We trust "word-of mouth" testimonials - even those from online friends - FAR more than any advertising. Our honest reviews and experiences are valued INFINITLY more than paid ads.

First-hand referrals is how I learned about Thrive Foods. For home food storage and meals for wilderness camping, I have found Thrive Foods to be the best option. That is why I am offering my referral to you!

Thrive Foods is the LARGEST fresh food dehydrator in the U.S. and is continually adding more capacity to keep up with demand. Thrive Foods is also the best value because they only sell direct to the consumer, not adding another layer of costs through retail dealers.

Every Thrive Foods customer is automatically provided a referral link. When you share your honest experiences with Thrive Foods, you can share this link with your friends, and THEY can save 15% on their first order. (They can purchase any item at the retail price or save 15% with an order of $99.00 or more.) Whatever they choose to order, YOU will receive a 10% referral credit that can be applied to your future orders! There is NO cost to you or your friends. They will LOVE you!

Like recommending a new movie, restaurant, or favorite book you are simply passing along your experiences in the hope that you can be of service to your friends. That is the basis of the Thrive Foods referral bonus program and the reason for their growing family of dedicated customers.

Sharing your experiences is the definition of "social media". Thrive Foods makes this fast and easy by providing each customer with a referral link. Again, Thrive Foods does no expensive, wasteful mass advertising but relies on referrals between friends – in person or online. When you share this link with your friends, and THEY can save 15% on their first order - PLUS you will receive a 10% credit that can be applied to your future orders!

Let's break this down: How many of your friends and family would like to save on food costs, reduce the time in the kitchen, serve healthier meals, eliminate food waste, build their food reserves, and prepare more nutritious meals for camping?

The answer: 100%!!!

As a Thrive Foods customer, there is no minimum order or obligation to order each month. However, when you (and your friends) order at least $99.00 they will receive BOTH an average discount of 15% AND free shipping, valued at 12% of the order total. That is a GRAND TOTAL DISCOUNT of 27% on Thrive Life freeze-dried fruit, vegetables, meat, and more!

What happens when TEN of your friends place orders over $99.00? They receive the 27% total discount. But YOU also receive a Referral Credit of 10% of their orders. This means YOUR next $99.00 order is FREE!

Simply share your experience and help your friends save money!

I invite you to sample Thrive Foods? Just follow this link to view all the products and save 15% on your order. Note that most are available in “pantry cans” (roughly 1-quart) or #10 cans (roughly 1-gallon) for the best value per ounce. Some foods are also available at a discount for multiple can case lots. Remember, the shelf life of most unopened cans is 25-YEARS*

SPECIAL OFFER: order $99.00 and receive a 27% Discount! Follow this LINK: HERE

If you order over $99.00 you will receive BOTH a 15% discount on the foods purchased, AND free shipping – which is normally charged at a flat rate of 12% for each order. (Canadian readers – FIRST switch the location/pricing at the top right of the website. Canadian customers ALSO receive FREE shipping on orders over $99.00 U.S.)

When you take advantage of the $99.00 special pricing you are placing a “monthly order” but there is NO obligation to order next month or EVER again! Just cancel the repeat order for the following month – until you are ready. You can order whenever you want, as much or as little as you want. The next time you would like to order, you will receive the same 27% discount for every order over $99.00 and can order exactly what you need.

If you would like to enjoy the many benefits of preparing healthy and hearty meals for camping, just go to Thrive Foods by following this LINK.

If you would like to enjoy the many benefits of building a cost-saving, time-saving pantry of premium freeze-dried foods at home, just go to Thrive Foods by following this LINK.

In BOTH cases, you will enjoy the best tasting, most economical, most nutritious foods available!

*The long, 25-year shelf life of Thrive Foods has also made freeze-dried foods the choice of “preppers”. Today, more than ever, freeze-dried foods are a smart investment! ANYTHING you buy today is going to cost less than next month or next year. For that reason, many people who first became Thrive Foods customers in order to prepare camping meals have continued to buy foods monthly to accumulate 3, 6, or 12-months of staple foods for the peace-of-mind.

Follow this link and you can purchase Thrive Foods at any time and receive a MINIMUM 27% savings. That is, a 15% discount on the food plus free shipping equal to 12% of the order when you order $99.00 or more. You are not required to make monthly purchases or limited to only buying once per month. In addition, every month Thrive Foods advertises special offers on selected products, typically at a 25% discount. Twice a year there are also major discounts of up to 50%.

Disclosure: Some of the links on this website are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, The Great Out There will earn an affiliate commission if you click on the link and finalize a purchase.


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