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Top TEN Reasons You Need to Be Eating Freeze-Dried Foods

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Surprising Nutrition, Convenience and Economy Benefits!

We have three meals per day – but we usually don’t consider all the choices we make concerning the foods we eat. Many of our meals are so routine that they require no thought at all. For example, do you eat basically the same food every day for breakfast? Do you rotate between two or three lunches? Are your dinner choices repeated week after week? Are you still hungry – adding unhealthy snacks between each meal?

There is nothing wrong with eating the foods that you like. But do you often choose meals based on factors other than food quality? Do you make food choices based on a tight schedule for work or family activities versus taste and nutrition? How often do you knowingly eat meals that you know are neither healthy nor economical?

Our diet has devolved over the years to prioritize convenience over nutrition. Collectively, every year we eat more prepackaged foods and less fresh food. Every year we eat more “fast food”, both in terms of the number of servings and the dollars we spend. Every year we “supplement” our three meals per day with nearly the same empty calories from soft drinks and snack foods. Every year we face the evidence of increasing obesity AND declining health due to nutritional deficiencies.

We CAN’T keep doing the SAME things and expect anything to CHANGE!

In this article series, I am going to ask you to critically examine your food choices. You need to stop and consider not only your menu choices but the individual foods that comprise your meals. My goal is to educate you on the many advantages of planning healthy menus and incorporating freeze-dried foods into these meals.

Top TEN Reasons You Need to Be Eating Freeze-Dried Foods

Number 1: Reduce meal preparation time.

Number 2: Reduce food waste by 32% or MORE.

Number 3: Reduce meal clean-up time.

Number 4: Enjoy better tasting food.

Number 5: Eat more nutritious food.

Number 6: Eat less JUNK food.

Number 7: Store more food in less space.

Number 8: Store food without freezing, canning, or refrigeration.

Number 9: Eat “home-cooked meals” when camping and traveling.

Number 10: Store food for up to 25 years in case of emergency.

BONUS REASON: SAVE money! Contrary to popular belief, freeze-dried foods can help you REDUCE food expenses.

Number 1: Reduce meal preparation time.

Very little of the fresh, whole foods you buy are ready to eat.

First, you need to wash off any dirt, fertilizer, and pesticides. Then you need to slice, core, peel, chop, and trim the raw foods. The actual cooking time may be less than the prep time. Often some parts of the menu require separate cooking preps to sauté, brown, fry, reduce, etc. before combining with other ingredients.

No wonder “processed foods” dominate many home pantries, refrigerators, and freezers. We are always looking for any time-saving shortcuts. Who has time to spend an hour or more preparing meals that are devoured in minutes?!

Thrive freeze-dried foods do not require any preparation. Every food has been prepared FOR YOU in a state-of-the-art, USDA and FDA-certified facility. The washing, peeling, dicing, chopping, and processing is done before the foods are freeze-dried. Thrive meats are also trimmed, diced, flavored, and prepared FIRST, then freeze-dried. Many raw foods are ready to eat. Other fruits, vegetables, and meats simply need to be rehydrated for a few minutes before being added to your bases or stocks.

That’s it! Instead of preparing many individual ingredients, you simply measure out Thrive Foods to complete your recipe. And if you have ever skipped a recipe because you didn’t have all the ingredients, your Thrive Foods pantry comes to the rescue again. Now you can have a full pantry of various sliced, diced, and powdered fruits and vegetables on hand – without any worries of spoilage.

Here is an example of a complete meal prepped in FOUR minutes, then served in 19 minutes, with ZERO food waste:

**Would you like the full recipe for Classic Shepherd’s Pie? Please follow this link. CLICK HERE

(NOTE: please substitute instant mashed potatoes (flavored or unflavored) or dehydrated hash brown potatoes in this recipe.

Bottom Line: you can prepare nutritious and hearty meals within minutes. Eliminate the stops at multiple stores for ingredients, ALL the food prep time, AND drastically reduce the cooking time with Thrive Foods!

***Thrive Foods have also been combined into recipes for camping that simply require the addition of boiling water! These prepackaged meals can be stored in Ziplock bags, emptied into a pot, covered with boiling water, and allowed to “cook” for 15 minutes. Enjoy! Some campers even prepackage their meals in foil boil-in bags, then eat directly from the bag for NO cleanup!

Would you like to ENJOY all the benefits of THRIVE FOODS AND save 27% on your food costs? It couldn’t be easier! Simply place an order for $99.00 or more. You save 15% off the retail price, PLUS you receive free shipping which would add 12% to the order. You can order every month, multiple times per month, or skip orders until you need more. There are NO subscription costs or mandatory order requirements! You will also have access to Special Sale Prices every month.

The Great Out There wants to help you eat HEALTHIER and SAVE MONEY – both at home and on the trail. Contact us with any questions. Follow this link to check out the Thrive Food selections. CLICK HERE.


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