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Why An Overlanding Camping Trailer Is a GREAT Investment.

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Don’t spend money on a camping trailer when you can INVEST in a multi-purpose trailer that will earn its keep the other 90% of the year!

You have decided that it’s time to relocate your rooftop tent to a trailer. You are tired of driving around with the rooftop tent on your vehicle 24/7/365. You are looking forward to fitting your vehicle in the garage without the rooftop tent. Now you can make plans to take your kayaks or bikes along on your upcoming RTT camping trips.

It’s also possible that you never installed a tent on the roof of your vehicle. Maybe you have a soft-top or no roof rack. Maybe you don’t like the looks of the black box on the roof of your sleek 4x4. You definitely don’t want to sacrifice gas mileage.

Whatever your reasons, you are sure to appreciate never needing to pack up camp every time you want to explore the area or drive into town for supplies. Your vehicle is unburdened by the rooftop tent for four-wheeling and other travels. With a RTT trailer, you can leave camp behind – and not risk losing your favorite campsite in areas with designated campsite restrictions.

Many common-sense inventions follow the maxim “necessity is the mother of invention”. The Twain Mark 1 Off-Road Overlanding Trailer addresses all of the logistical problems of owning a rooftop tent – and then offers several additional benefits.

Like me, Mike from Twain Trailers searched high and low for a trailer that met the demands of overlanding. When the search was fruitless, he designed the camping trailer that fit the needs of his family. The overall goals were to build a trailer that was tougher than the common alternatives and also more versatile. The Mark 1 needed to be more than a single purpose, dedicated camping trailer so that owners could benefit from usage year-round. Finally, it needed to be the best value on the market.

We are happy to report that the Twain Mark 1 Overlanding Camping Trailer delivers on ALL of these objectives and EXCEEDS our expectations for on and off-road trailer-supported adventures.

The Twain Mark 1 Overlanding Trailer is designed and built to the highest standards. It was constructed simply because other utility trailers were either inadequate or overbuilt for hauling heavy equipment. They were either cheaply built or way too expensive.

In the first installment of this series, we discussed the design features that a trailer built specifically for rooftop tent camping must include. In Part Two, we covered the construction details involved in building the perfect overlanding camping trailer. We have now finalized a design that checks all the boxes. Production is underway and orders are now being taken!

All of these primary features are included with the Twain Mark 1 Off-Road Overlanding Trailer:

1. Heavy, 2-inch square tubular steel construction.

2. Fully welded, not a bolted frame, and including an expanded steel load deck.

3. Equally strong RTT rack to withstand dynamic loads on the highway and rough trails.

4. Extended trailer tongue for maneuverability and loading options.

5. Articulating hitch for stability and safety.

6. Integrated, trouble-free LED taillights with protected wiring within the frame.

7. Stable levelling system for camping comfort.

Overlanders have been searching for this combination of features in an off-road camping trailer. They have been frustrated by manufacturers who overcomplicate the design. We only want a strong trailer that can handle the demands of overlanding. We also demand the construction features outlined above – and no more! No added weight. No running water or expensive slide outs. Most importantly, no inflated price that requires a second mortgage!

We have heard you! The Twain Mark 1 Overlanding Trailer provides MANY benefits for the on and off-road adventurer:

1. Your rooftop tent is mounted on the trailer instead of your vehicle. This means your vehicle will fit in your garage at home – and the typical parking garage in town.

2. You eliminate the need for an expensive aftermarket rack. Many rooftop tents are too heavy for the factory roof racks. Aftermarket racks that can support the weight of the RTT and safely handle the dynamic loads can cost as much as $1,000! Save this money for other camping gear and vehicle mods.

3. Since the RTT is mounted lower than the roof of your vehicle, you will enjoy better gas mileage – every day, on the highway and around town.

4. The rooftop tent on the Twain Mark 1 Trailer is low enough so that you can store the entire unit in a standard garage – helping to protect your valuable RTT from the elements and thieves.

5. The Mark 1 trailer provides a lower rooftop tent making the climb to the bed less intimidating to many campers. The trailer also has heavy-duty welded fenders that double as steps, making access from both sides easier. Both of these advantages are important to campers who travel with pets.

6. The lower overall height also makes the set-up and packing less intimidating compared to the roof of a vehicle – especially when combined with the rock-solid levelling jacks on all four corners.

7. The leveling jacks on all four corners guarantee a level bed – regardless of slanted ground, rocks, roots, or ruts. You can camp comfortably in sites that would be impossible in a vehicle mounted RTT. (The leveling jacks will raise the tires off the ground, which will also be handy when you need to plug a flat tire!)

8. You can easily transport all your camping gear, wood for a campfire, fishing rods and other equipment with the huge cargo area of the Twain Overlanding Trailer. The Mark 1 trailer allows you to reserve space in your vehicle for passengers and pets.

9. The open design of the Mark 1 trailer allows for infinite options to haul canoes, kayaks, and camping supplies. It is easy to add waterproof toolboxes or totes so you can pack and unpack efficiently. A rear hitch receiver also allows you to add a bike rack. The storage area on the tongue is perfect for heavy fuel Jerry cans, water, or a generator.

10. Some closed rooftop tents offer racks for bikes, kayaks, and paddleboards. The lower height of the packed RTT on the trailer makes using these accessory racks a viable option to the vehicle roof.

11. The sturdy Mark 1 rooftop tent rack provides unlimited mounting points for your Hi-Lift jack, shovel, axe, and other gear that you don’t want to haul in your vehicle 24/7/365.

12. The RTT rack also provides mounting points for other gear, fishing rod tubes, kayaks, and paddleboards inside the frame or outside over the fenders.

13. The “hoops” of the RTT rack can be removed without tools. You can leave the rooftop tent attached to the hoop frame when you need the trailer for hauling large items.

14. If necessary, you could even detach the rack and rooftop tent if the open trailer was needed to haul firewood, supplies, or big game when hunting in the backcountry. In fact, this light trailer can be towed by most ATV’s and side-by-sides.

15. If you are like most campers, you will use your Mark 1 trailer more around home or work than for camping!

This final point sets the Twain Overlanding Trailer apart from every other alternative. Every other “camping trailer” is a single-purpose design. Load it up with your camping gear and rooftop tent and enjoy your vacation. When you get home, store the trailer until the next weekend trip – or next year! (I hope you don’t have to PAY for storage space for this infrequently used “camping trailer”?)

Here is a video of Mike doing a few chores with the help of the versatile Twain Overlanding UTILTY Trailer:

ONLY the Twain Mark 1 is designed to pay for itself in between camping trips! We recommend that you pack your camping gear in a series of waterproof boxes or totes. In just a few minutes you can be loaded for adventure. But – in just a few minutes after returning home – you can also empty the trailer bed and have a handy 4-foot by 8-foot utility trailer. Need to haul bulky loads? In a few more minutes you can detach the RTT rack – with the tent still installed! (MUCH easier than repeatedly installing and removing the RTT from the top of your vehicle!)

The Mark 1 trailer has a working load capacity of approximately 1,400-pounds. This will haul loads of furniture, mulch, lumber, an ATV, motorcycle, or what have you. In my case, I was able to eliminate BOTH a larger utility trailer (primarily used to haul my motorcycle once or twice a year) and a light boat trailer (used to haul my heavy fishing kayak.) Instead of owning THREE trailers, I now have only ONE Twain Mark 1 all-purpose, compact, and super-versatile overlanding trailer. Best of all – the Mark 1 fits in my garage (WITH the rooftop tent) while the other trailers cluttered my yard.

Summary: Twain Trailers Mark 1 Overlanding Camping Trailer

The Mark 1 Overlanding Trailer provides unlimited versatility for camping AND your hauling needs. You can remove the rooftop tent from your vehicle, gaining mileage, trail worthiness, and the ability to park in your garage once again. At the same time, the Mark 1 trailer and RTT can also fit in standard garages, protecting your investment. These combined features provide unmatched value in an overlanding trailer.

The large cargo area of the trailer hauls your camping gear with ease – instead of overloading your vehicle and inconveniencing your passengers. You can haul more gear and passengers with a smaller vehicle – improving drivability on and off-road. The savings of driving a smaller vehicle will more than offset the low cost of the Twain Trailer.

The Twain Mark 1 Off-Road Overlanding Trailer is Durable, Customizable, and Affordable. It will provide more enjoyable outdoor adventure opportunities. It will also pay for itself with unmatched versatility between camping trips. You can easily pay twice as much for an overlanding trailer and need to buy a second trailer for your other hauling chores. Make the smart choice and enjoy a Twain Overlanding Trailer – at home and in the backcountry. Don’t forget, every trailer is built one at a time in Missouri, USA to last for generations.

Are you searching for an off-road capable, overlanding camping trailer that is Durable, Customizable, and Affordable. Search no further! I not only bought a Twain Overlanding Trailer, but I have also teamed up with Mike to offer this same trailer SOLUTION to my followers from coast-to-coast. Orders are being taken NOW! (A small deposit is required to schedule the production of YOUR Mark 1.) Watch for PACKAGE SPECIAL PRICING on rooftop tents, mattresses, heaters, and more!

However, if your style is more "Overlanding Lite" (and/or you drive a smaller SUV), then a heavy-duty overlanding trailer with 1,500-pounds of weight capacity, 15-inch tires, and an off-road articulating hitch may be overkill! If you overland in an all-wheel drive vehicle and never negotiate technical trails that require 4WD Low, the the Overlanding Lite Camping Trailer may be a better choice. See the related article: CLICK HERE.

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