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Overlanding Lite Camping Trailer

Updated: Jul 1, 2023 was created to place renewed emphasis on economy, efficiency, and sustainability.

“Overlanding” has acquired a negative connotation. The pursuit has become known for overpriced camping gear and expensive modifications to our vehicles. In response, some adventurers have downsized to minimize their total costs, equipment selection, and environmental impact. This is the subsection of adventure travel I have named “Overlanding Lite”.

Carrying less gear not only saves money, but it allows you to travel lighter and more economically. Adopting a minimalist attitude toward overland travel usually begins with selecting a smaller vehicle. A growing segment of the overland audience are owners of smaller SUVs and trucks. Small and mid-size all-wheel drive vehicles dominate the sales of every car maker. At the same time, every brand now has – or is about to introduce – a compact truck model with an economical 4-cylinder motor. Many drivers who have traditionally owned larger trucks and 4x4’s are now downsizing to smaller vehicles. The savings are enormous in purchase cost AND operating costs – sometimes more than a 50% savings in BOTH categories!

Since overlanding is synonymous with camping, overlanders with smaller vehicles need to face two problems:

1. They have less space to haul their passengers, camping gear, pets, and outdoor equipment.

2. The vehicle has less power to carry heavy gear and fight the wind resistance of bulky equipment. This includes the popular overlanding rooftop tent, along with kayaks, paddleboards, or bikes.

Drivers of smaller vehicles often avoid expensive suspension modifications, oversized tires, and heavy equipment like winches. These fuel-efficient vehicles are used for overlanding (specifically, Overlanding Lite), but the primary use is every day commuting and highway travel.

The SOLUTION: A versatile overlanding lite camping trailer.

The Great Out There has designed and assembled the ultimate “Overlanding Lite” trailer. It offers the perfect towing solution for any sized vehicle – from 4-cylinder crossover SUVs to full-size trucks. This compact trailer is ready for any camping adventure. In between camping trips, it earns its keep with an endless variety of hauling tasks. Compare these features to the cheap, “lumberyard” trailers:

  • Fully welded, heavy-duty, powder-coated tubular steel frame. Not your typical bolt-together trailer that will self-destruct in the backcountry!

  • Corrugated solid steel floor. No flimsy plywood or warped 2x4’s.

  • Steel fenders, not cheap plastic.

  • Powder-coated steel for durability. Not a thin coat of paint that’s guaranteed to rust.

  • Solid square tube cambered axle for added durability.

  • Trailer weight: approx. 350 pounds for easy movement. (Approximately 500 pounds WITH the optional rooftop tent.) This trailer can be towed by any vehicle, including crossovers, compact SUVs, and EVs with a 1,000-pound tow rating! No trailer brakes required.

  • Trailer capacity: 1,295 pounds gross/995 pounds net rating. This trailer is overbuilt for your camping adventures, and capable of hauling moderate loads back home.

  • Extended trailer tongue for maneuverability on and off-road. Trailer tongue jack included.

  • Dependable LED lighting with side markers and heavy-duty taillight protectors. 4-pin flat connector.

  • Trailer bed dimensions: 4 feet x 6 feet (1.2 m x 1.8 m). Room for multiple waterproof storage boxes and camping gear, kayaks, or bikes. There is plenty of room for landscaping materials, lumber, furniture, etc. between camping trips.

  • Trailer bed height: 18 inches (45.7 cm) with standard 12-inch wheels. 21 inches with optional 13-inch on/off-road tires.

  • Hitch height: 16 inches (40.6 cm) with standard 12-inch wheels. 18 inches with optional 13-inch on/off-road tires.

  • 2-inch ball coupler. (Vehicle hitch or ball not included. Rear stabilizer jacks are available at an added cost.)

The Great Out There “Overlanding Lite” camping trailer is equipped with a rack for your rooftop tent - or canoe, or kayaks.

The rack is bolted to the trailer bed with reinforcements for security and stability on rough roads. The steel rack is also powder-coated to resist the elements and trail hazards. Add the optional Rooftop Tent and enjoy the lightest, most mobile “Glamping” rig! The low height of the packed rooftop tent minimizes wind resistance and maximizes fuel efficiency. The low height of the rooftop tent is also attractive to anyone who dislikes climbing to the roof of a raised 4x4!

There are THREE build options for the Overlanding Lite Camping Trailer:

Option 1: Base Overlanding Lite trailer with rack for canoe, kayaks, or rooftop tent. Includes tongue jack and standard 4.80 x 12” bias-ply tires. $1,799.00 to $2, 99.00 (depending on model).

Option 2: Upgraded “All-Terrain” Overlanding Lite trailer with rack for canoe, kayaks, or rooftop tent. Includes tongue jack and heavy-duty ST175/80R13 radial tires ($300.00 value). $2,099.00 to $2,499.00 (depending on model).

Option 3: “All-Terrain” Overlanding Lite trailer with rack AND rooftop tent (call for model availability). Includes tongue jack and heavy-duty ST175/80R13 radial tires. Also includes two (2) rear stabilizers to support the trailer while camping ($200.00 value). Trailer price $2,299.00 to $2,699.00 (depending on model. Rooftop tents range from $1,650.00 to $3,295.00, depending on brand and model).

See the Shop section of for current pricing and availability of the Overlanding Lite camping trailer.

overlanding lite camping trailer


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