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Premium Rooftop Tent REVIEW: OVS Nomadic 2 Extended

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Compare a PREMIUM roof top tent to the cheap imitations.

With the growing popularity of overlanding and the growing awareness of the many advantages of roof top tents, the market is being flooded with cheap products. What separates the PREMIUM rooftop tents from cheap options? The simple answer: from top to bottom, the BEST roof top tents have superior construction from superior materials. PREMIUM rooftop tents are then backed by real warranties from established companies.

At The Great Out There, we test multiple brands so that we can reject the inferior models and save you time, money, and frustration. You invest in a rooftop tent to provide a comfortable bed at the end of the day, along with a secure camp that sets up quickly and then stows just as fast the next morning. To open and close effortlessly, day after day, requires an assembly that is up to the stress of overlanding. The package needs to withstand rugged trails, then deploy to provide a stable bed and a protective shelter.

The old adage is still true: Pay for quality once or suffer with inferiority forever. No name, online brands offer no customer support. Only premium rooftop tent manufacturers stand behind their products with robust warranties AND spare parts.

Our searching and camping experience has resulted in a partnership with a manufacture that you can trust. We endorse and sell the roof top tents (and overlanding accessories) from Overland Vehicle Systems. Unlike the generic alternatives, OVS doesn’t cut corners. For this reason, The Great Out There is proud to offer these tents to our retail customers as well as package these rooftop tents with our overland trailers.

Compare the construction features of the PREMIUM roof top tents from OVS:

A roof top tent is only as strong as the base. The OVS Nomadic series builds on a heavy-duty base that sandwiches insulating foam between two layers of black anodized aluminum. The exterior diamond plate will resist all the stress of camping and transport. The tent base opens to form a bed platform 94.5” long – about 20-inches longer than most other roof top tent designs. The tent is supported by oversized anodized aluminum poles - not cheap conduit - connected to marine-grade stainless steel hinges and hardware. Each pole is wrapped in a protective sleeve of nylon fabric to protect the contents of the tent and occupants.

Next, the tent body is constructed from heavy-duty 600D poly-cotton ripstop canvas. The removable rain fly is sewn with 420D polyester, waterproofed with PU3000 for protection from driving rain. All the seams in both the Nomadic roof top tent and the rain fly are heat-sealed for extra waterproofing.

Attention to detail is evident everywhere you look in the OVS roof top tents. Meticulous double stitching is used in every seam. Reinforcements are added to the corners and stress points. A ballistic nylon webbing “truss system” connects the folding tent poles. Strong, quality zippers are used on the doors and windows, which are guarded by premium 120G fade-proof black insect screens. The doors and windows feature loops and toggles to roll up and store each layer of fabric and netting. Even the spring-steel awning poles have an extra V-bend to provide rigidity and stability under tension.

We want to exceed your expectations and deliver a long list of amenities:

After testing many brands, the mattresses in the Overland Vehicle Systems rooftop tents were the ONLY models that we didn’t reject! The folding memory foam mattress is firm, but not harsh. The dimensions are 55” wide x 94.5” long by 3” thick. (Other more expensive tents have cheap, hard mattresses as thin as 1-inch. It is no coincidence that these same brands sell accessory mattresses for another $300.00!) The STOCK OVS mattress has a plush, quilted microfiber cover that is removable for washing. (We also recommend adding a separate mattress pad to further protect your mattress from wear and stains.)

Inside the Nomadic 2 Extended roof top tent, you will find two large side windows with exterior awnings to provide shade and protection from rain. At each end you have doors for ease of entry, with the “head” of the tent covered by the extended rain fly. This added length in the Extended Nomadic model covers the telescoping ladder for entry regardless of the weather conditions. You can also leave the zippered door rolled up all the time to maximize ventilation without sacrificing privacy. There are two shielded vents on the upper side walls. The Nomadic model also features a skylight that has a zippered flap. All the windows and doors have zippered bug netting. The skylight has a clear vinyl window for star gazing – or the tent fly can be folded back to open the top window completely to the sky.

The sides of the tent include four handy storage pouches. There is also an overhead gear loft for storing clothing and personal items. We include an LED light strip – all you need to add is your USB battery. You are also provided with two shoe pouches which hang next to the ladder, under the protective awning to keep your shoes dry and the interior of the tent clean.

Since overlanding is all about mobility, we have designed strong straps to compress and secure the folded roof top tent. Then we supply a fitted travel cover of heavy-duty 1000G PVC that secures to the base with a wide Velcro strip around the perimeter.

The Great Out There has partnered with Overland Vehicle Systems to offer this PREMIUM roof top tent. You can certainly find cheaper tents with inferior construction. But you won’t find a better tent. On top of all these features, we offer a VERY competitive price – paired with the BEST warranty in the industry: FOUR years Limited Warranty manufacture defects in materials and workmanship. When you place your order with The Great Out There, we will also include FREE shipping to your address!

Overland Vehicle Systems Nomadic 2 Extended Roof Top Tent Specifications:

Body Material: 600D Poly Cotton Rip Stop

Rainfly Material: 420D Polyester Oxford Waterproof Rainfly

Waterproof Treatment: PU3000 Waterproofing on Canvas

Travel Cover: 1000G PVC Heavy Duty Matt Black Travel Cover

Skylight: Opening in Both Rainfly and Tent Body

Window Mesh: 120G UV-resistant Insect Screens

Ridge Vents: 2 Upper Ridge Vents to Reduce Condensation

Mattress: 3” thick Memory Foam Mattress with Black Quilted Cover

Base: Insulated with Seamless Black Aluminum Exterior Surfaces

Awning Rods: EIGHT Spring Steel Rods for the Windows and Doors

Hinges: Marine Grade 304 Stainless Steel Construction and Hardware

Interior Poles: Oversized Aluminum Anodized Light Weight Constructions with Black Nylon Sleeves

Ladder: 96” Telescoping Ladder with locking strap. Two Quick Release attachments to the base

Storage: 4 Built in Interior Storage Pouches

Storage Loft: Removable Zippered Mesh Loft

Storage: 2 Shoe Pouches

Interior Lighting: Removable 40” Velcro LED Light Strip (USB Power Bank not included)

Stakes and Guy Ropes: 3 Ground Stakes and Adjustable Paracord Ropes, Storage Bag Included

Open Dimensions: 55” x 122” x 51”

Closed Dimensions: 55” x 47” x 14”

Sleeping Footprint: 55” x 94.5”

Sleeping Capacity: 2 Plus

Weight Capacity: 750lbs

Set Up Time: 4 Minutes

Stow Away Time: 4 Minutes

Warranty: 4 Year Limited Warranty

Overland Vehicle Systems Roof Top Tent Annex for Nomadic 2 Extended Roof Top Tent. The PERFECT compliment to the premium rooftop tent!

Do you want to MORE than double the square footage of your rooftop tent and increase the versatility?

The best way to add space, comfort, and versatility to your roof top tent is by adding an “Annex”. The annex is an accessory tent that is suspended UNDER the elevated bed of your rooftop tent. This added space can only be added to the overhanging floor area of the Nomadic RTT design.

To enjoy this added space of a rooftop tent annex, there are TWO prerequisites:

First, your rooftop tent needs to be attached to an elevated rack that positions the FLOOR above your HEAD when it is deployed. The annex creates enclosed space under the bed platform, so if the RTT is mounted on a low rack on your truck or a trailer, half of the annex tent will be dragging on the ground.

Second, you must decide if you want the annex to enclose space on the side of your vehicle or the tailgate area. The Nomadic rooftop tent doubles in length when opened. That is, the tent expands outward when the hinged bed platform is unfolded. Most owners choose to have the rooftop tent fold outward on the passenger side of the vehicle or trailer. - but either side will work. In this case, the annex will enclose an area outward from the rear tire.

But some RTT owners prefer to have the annex enclose the tailgate of their truck. This is convenient if you want to use the tailgate as a cooking area. However, this also requires that you retract or disconnect the ladder to clear the floor space. Note that this rear-opening layout is only possible on pickups with open beds, and not SUVs with a large rear lift gate. In most cases, you will also need to install the RTT mounting tracks sideways versus lengthwise to match your truck rack.

Assuming that your rack or rooftop places the bed of your rooftop tent above head level, then adding an annex to enclose the area under this elevated bed has many advantages:

  • You gain enclosed space for relaxing, cooking, and dressing. The annex has a larger footprint than the upper bed platform, enclosing an 8-foot by 8-foot floor. That’s an additional 64 square feet of floor space!

  • The annex can be closed for privacy or opened to allow for air flow, while still excluding insects.

  • You eliminate the main drawback of rooftop tents that forces you to change clothes within the limited head room.

  • You gain enclosed storage space for bikes or other gear that you want to protect from the elements and shield from view.

  • You gain additional space for a camp shower or toilet, overcoming another limitation of the rooftop tent that has room only for the bed.

  • Likewise, the annex can quickly convert the two-person Nomadic 2 into a shelter for four campers with the added floor space.

The PREMIUM OVS Nomadic Roof Top Tent Annex

Like the Nomadic rooftop tent rain fly, the annex is constructed from the same tough, durable 420D Polyester Oxford waterproof material. There is a large door on the front wall and huge windows on each side, all secured with quality zippers. The door and window fabric can be rolled up and these flaps are tied with toggles and loops at the top of the windows, which are backed by 120G insect-proof netting. These openings offer tremendous air flow. The back panel can also be zipped open – providing access to the side of the vehicle or tailgate, depending on how you have the RTT positioned.

Another unique feature is the removable floor. The waterproof floor of the Nomadic annex is constructed from very heavy 1000g PVC. You are completely protected from dust, water, and creepy crawlies. But many campers choose to remove the floor since it is attached to the sidewalls with a zipper. They either add a separate floor mat or rely on the parking surface at the campsite. The annex without the heavy PVC floor reduces the weight and packed size by two-thirds, which is a huge savings for many overlanding rigs.

More space, added convenience, and superior functionality with the OVS Annex

The OVS Nomadic Annex attaches in just a few minutes to the Nomadic RTT frame. The back wall attaches to the slotted rail on the frame, and the other three sides attach via a heavy-duty zipper around the rooftop tent floor. Four heavy-duty stakes secure the corners of the annex. The installation is quick and easy, so you may add the annex in a few minutes if the weather takes a turn for the worse – or remove it equally fast if not needed.

The Nomadic Annex provides many options for added space, privacy, and protection from the elements. Like the OVS Nomadic RTT, the Annex is covered by the 4 Year Limited Warranty. Overland Vehicle Systems provides warranty coverage for manufacture defects in materials and workmanship, assuring your satisfaction for years to come.

Best of all, the OVS Annex is a very inexpensive option. DOUBLE your savings when you purchase BOTH the Nomadic 2 rooftop tent and annex. Receive free shipping, too!

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