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Portage Like A Beast

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

New design from The Great Out There: Sasquatch Canoe Portage!

The Great Out There announces a new graphic design featuring the legendary Sasquatch (aka Bigfoot) attacking the wilderness canoe portage.

Are you a "portage beast"? Show off your inner Sasquatch with this new black image decal - perfect for your canoe, paddles, food barrel, truck, or more!

Anyone can portage like a wimpy human. Are you a Beast? Add this decal to your gear and make a statement! Each high-quality, 3" x 3" decal has the EXCLUSIVE black image on clear backing, with permanent adhesive for exterior application.

Show off your Beast nature. Leave the mere humans flailing at the lakeside. Get your decals at The Great Out There Ebay store: CLICK HERE. Shipping via USPS is included in the LOW price! Mail to Canada is also available.

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