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WELCOME to The Great Out There Blog

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

We ALL love The Great Out There!

The Great Out There blog is the intersection between all types of camping and outdoor adventures. Regardless of how you got to The Great Out There, we are enjoying outdoor adventures we share the same motivations. We all experience the magnetism of natural wonders.

The Great Out There blog is your source for content that crosses over between #backpacking and #canoecamping, shares the same purposes for #vanlife and #wintercamping, and is equally useful for #bikepacking and RV #boondocking. While there are major differences in our outdoor pursuits, we have much in common.

Nessmuk Woodcraft
"Nessmuk", A Quote from Woodcraft, Published in 1884

The Great Out There blog will share what we have in common. As "Nessmuk" stated above, we all "go to smooth it." We all enjoy #campfires, hearty #campcooking, #sunsets, #sunrises, and dreamy #stargazing. From time to time there will be articles that are more specific to one type of adventure. Even then, you will learn how to be more resourceful, safe, efficient, and increase your enjoyment in The Great Out There.

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