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Portable Sauna Tent – A Healthful and Restful Sauna ANYWHERE!

Updated: Feb 15

NOW you can enjoy a stimulating sauna in your backyard or campsite. NO construction, plumbing, or permits - at a FRACTION of the cost of any other sauna option.

There is simply NOTHING like a sauna. Science continues to validate what Northern sauna enthusiasts have known for centuries. The heat and steam of a sauna has been proven to boost cardiovascular functions, relieve stress, improve your mood, soothe joints and muscles, improve skin tone, enhance deep sleep, improve immune function, fight off respiratory illnesses, and lessen the effect of colds and flu. Current studies are also showing that regular sauna sessions increase levels of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), improve mental clarity, and may slow the advance of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

portable sauna tent

Athletes and sports trainers rely on sauna sessions to both help muscles recover from workouts. The sauna also stimulates the production of “heat shock proteins” that are critical in the repair of damaged muscle fibers and the building of new muscle tissue. Plus, the heat of the sauna strengthens the cardiovascular system by relaxing and expanding veins and arteries while allowing the system to transport oxygen more efficiently to the muscles. The result is a dramatic increase in stamina and performance!

But too few people have been able to enjoy the BENEFITS of a sauna.

It is inconvenient, at best, or often impossible to find a public sauna. Building a sauna at home is too expensive. Building a sauna in a rented house or apartment is impossible. Enjoying a sauna while traveling? Forget it.

Until NOW! Now you have a CONVENIENT, INEXPENSIVE, and EFFECTIVE alternative: The Great Out There PORTABLE Sauna!

You can set up the portable sauna tent ANYWHERE that you can carry the lightweight 30-pound bundle. Enjoy this sauna at home, but also pack it along to a campsite in the woods, lakeshore, or mountaintop. Sauna advocates have enjoyed their sauna in RV parks, on the deck of a swimming pool, floating rafts, condo driveways, and the roofs of apartment buildings. The sky’s the limit!

This insulated sauna tent POPS UP. Just ONE PERSON can set up the tent in less than five minutes! The tent poles are connected to an innovative hub and are attached to the tent fabric. NO assembling awkward poles or threading the tent poles through aggravating sleeves.

Imagine experiencing the MANY benefits of a sauna anytime!

Enjoy a sauna before a workout, after a hard day of work, or immediately after going for a run or bike ride. No need to leave your home. Feel a cold coming on? Battling a persistent headache? Recovering from an injury? You can use your backyard sauna whenever it is convenient and most beneficial for YOU! Once a day, every other day, twice on Saturday – there are NO limits. (PS. Your choice of clothing is a personal decision in your private sauna).

You have a choice of TWO sauna tent sizes. The smaller model can accommodate up to four bathers. Yet it heats quickly and retains the heat efficiently so one person can enjoy the luxury of a solo sauna. The larger sauna tent can accommodate up to eight bathers. Both tents can maintain your desired sauna temperature up to 200-degrees - although a prefer a more soothing 170-degrees. The wood stoves have trays that contain rocks to generate sweat-stimulating steam when doused with water.

These portable sauna tents are constructed from quilted fabric to retain heat. The fabric is fire-retardant for safety and heat-reflective to maximize the effect of the sauna. Both sauna tents are DESIGNED for wood-burning stoves and include high-temperature roof jacks for the wood stove pipe*. (A vented propane stove option is also available).

Air vents and the two large, zippered doors improve stove combustion and maintain indoor air quality. The tent fabrics do not generate harmful fumes at high temperatures. (Note that new stoves MUST be pre-burned outside the sauna tent before the first usage. In addition, NEVER add a wood stove to any synthetic tent that is not fire retardant).

Our portable sauna tents have quality, water-repellant denier fabric that will stand up to the elements. And the heat of the sauna ensures that you will always pack a dry tent! Ground stakes are included, along with guy lines to be used to secure the tent in high winds. A “snow skirt” is attached to the bottom of the tent to help eliminate cold drafts. The outer skirt can also be used to secure the tent to a deck or driveway with bricks or blocks.

Portable Sauna Tent Features:

· Pop-up construction allows one person to set the tent up in minutes.

· The 3-layer portable insulated sauna tent is DESIGNED for vented stoves.

· Quilted denier fabric repels water and withstands the elements.

· Insulation retains heat and reduces condensation.

· Two large zipper doors on opposite corners for ease of entry and ventilation.

· Large clear windows with insulated privacy covers*.

· Vents for fresh air intake.

· Stove jack for vented wood or propane stove*.

· Stake attachment points at the base and on the side walls of the tent for continued use in any season.

The Great Out There offers DISCOUNTED packages that include your choice of sauna tents with a stove jack, the heat stove, and stove pipes. Options include delivery and set-up, rocks for the sauna stove, fire-proof floor, wood sauna benches, cold plunge tubs, and more.

If you have always wanted to enjoy the MANY benefits of a sauna, NOW is the time to buy TGOT Portable Sauna Combo Package. Let us assemble the sauna tent and accessories that will make the sauna experience accessible and affordable. Contact us TODAY for more info.

Your PERSONAL Sauna experience - ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!

*Note: The larger insulated hex tent serves DOUBLE-DUTY as a 4-season camping tent. The windows include removable clear covers backed by insect netting for perfect ventilation. It will sleep four campers – or two winter campers in luxury with the optional wood stove. The insulated tent holds the heat for comfort in winter camping and backcountry hunting camps. It is designed for use with either a vented wood or propane stove – or an exterior diesel heater. TGOT offers a wood stove that can be used for heating and cooking, then simply converted for use as a sauna stove with the addition of rocks for perfect steamy “loyly”! You can also open the floor for ice fishing! This is a versatile insulated tent that you will enjoy 12-months of the year.

portable sauna tent


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