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MORE Than A Rooftop Tent Camping Trailer!

You can SPEND four times more and get one-fourth the versatility of the Twain Camping Trailer

A camping trailer is a great addition to your overlanding rig, But most of us don't get to go camping as often as we would like. We squeeze in a few weekends, then maybe a week of vacation every year. The rest of the time, your "camping trailer" takes up space - or worse, forces you to PAY for off-site storage.

Camping trailers aren't cheap. Why spend $10,000, $25,000 or more for an overpriced "camping trailer" that only gets used a few weekends and maybe one week of vacation? For MUCH LESS, you can own the Twain Overlanding Trailer that DOUBLES as a utility trailer between camping trips!

We all know that anytime you add the label "overlanding" to something, the price DOUBLES! This has also happened to campers. Brands that offer an "Overland Edition" ask ridiculous prices. Sure, some prices reflect stronger construction, larger wheels, and tires. But seldom is the "overland" label worth the inflated asking price.

The Great Out There has teamed up with Twain Trailers to offer the rooftop tent camping trailer that doubles as an all-purpose utility trailer. (See the full article that details the design features: Click HERE.) Our goal is to offer a trailer that "earns its keep" year-round!

There is no denying that we would LIKE to spend more time overlanding. However, the reality is that we have work to do at home between camping trips. We also have other hobbies including biking, fishing, hunting, kayaking, and more. Many of these hobbies and work projects require a utility trailer. That is why the Twain Mark I rooftop tent camping trailer is custom-built to be the BEST overlanding trailer AND platform utility trailer money can buy. Here is Mike from Twain Trailers describing some of this versatility:

The BEST feature is the low cost of the Twain Mark I rooftop tent camping trailer. You can own this trailer for a FRACTION of the price of other trailer options that are "one hit wonders". (See the Shop section at for current prices and availability.)

Don't be an "Overland Overspender"! Don't finance an expensive trailer, pay for insurance and storage between camping trips. Save THOUSANDS and enjoy the Twain Mark I rooftop tent camping trailer with unmatched features that will make overlanding more enjoyable. See the related article that details the many fabrication details you will not find in other camping trailers at any price: Click HERE.

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