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Fresh Pineapple Year-Round

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Shipped direct to your door: Fully-ripened, FLASH frozen, FREEZE-dried pineapple!

Pineapple is the perfect example of modern food marketing.

To many people, pineapple is associated with a tropical vacation in Hawaii. In fact, a fresh pineapple - complete with a ribbon - used to be an extravagant gift that was hand-carried back home after a luxury vacation in Hawaii.

As recently as 50 years ago, pineapple was not found in the supermarkets of North America, especially in the winter months. Pineapple is grown year-round in many tropical climates, but the peak harvest season in Hawaii is March through July. Many residents can grow pineapples in their yards. During the harvest season, there is an overabundance of fresh pineapple and you can buy it inexpensively in local markets.

As Americans developed a taste for pineapple, corporate farms stepped in to fill the demand. The result was a continuous supply of pineapples, shipped by the truckload to local grocery warehouses, and then delivered to your local store.

The good news is that pineapple can be purchased in the dead of winter in the most Northern latitudes. The bad news is that the pineapple you buy in February was harvested in June. Pineapple, like EVERY fruit and vegetable, does NOT get better with age! The FACT is that retail pineapple has 40% to 60% LESS Vitamin C than the freshly-picked fruit. ALL nutrients and vitamins begin to deteriorate from the moment of harvest.

While many people associate pineapple with sunny Hawaii, the fact is that most more than 90% of the pineapples sold in the U.S. are now grown in Asia or South America. In the U.S., the AVERAGE distance from farm to market for produce is 1,500 miles. This distance is THREE or FOUR times farther for the "fresh" pineapple you buy!

Added to the low nutrition value of "fresh" retail pineapple is the added problem of food waste. Pineapple is a fruit that has a high percentage of waste from the outer husk and inner core. It is a time-consuming task to prepare a fresh pineapple, only to be left with high-priced fruit with diminished food value.

To overcome the enormous cost of shipping dense, whole pineapples most of the production is canned. But canned pineapple solves the freshness and delivery problems and creates a new problem. The canned pineapple is soggy and overloaded with processed sugar and/or high-fructose corn syrup! It is strictly OFF LIMITS to anyone on a diet or with sugar restrictions.

As an alternative, consider Thrive Foods FREEZE-DRIED pineapple!

You receive 100% edible and ready-to-use pineapple. You can eat it as a snack. Or you can add the pineapple chunks to any recipe, or further blend or puree. Thrive Pineapple has ONE ingredient: fresh pineapple!

Thrive Foods pineapple has the MAJOR nutritional advantage of being harvested at the PEAK of freshness, fully-ripened. The fresh picked pineapple is processed within a few days, then flash frozen to preserve the MAXIMUM nutrient levels. Next, the frozen pineapple chunks are freeze-dried - a process which removes all of the moisture, leaving the nutrients.

The result is 100% fresh, pure pineapple, minus the water content. You pay ONLY for 100% edible pineapple. You ELIMINATE the food waste and food prep time and labor.

Follow this link to learn more about Thrive Foods FRESH Pineapple. NEW customers will SAVE 15% by following THIS LINK! You have a choice of "pantry cans" (roughly 1-quart) or #10 "Family cans" (roughly 1-gallon, or equal to two whole pineapples.) In addition, you can save MORE by purchasing either can size in case lots. Thrive Foods Pineapple is now also available in resealable "Snackies" pouches!

Finally - as is ALWAYS the case - you can save 27% by purchasing through the Monthly Delivery Service. You save (on average) 15% on the food item PLUS receive free shipping, which would otherwise add 12% of the total cost. (Note that you can start and stop your monthly order, or change the contents at any time. There is NO monthly order minimum!!!)

Don't forget: as a Thrive Foods customer you are provided with a "Referral Code". Share this code with your friends and THEY will receive a 15% discount on their first order. At the same time, as a referring customer, YOU will receive a credit equal to 10% of their order that can be applied to your next order!

The Great Out There wants to help you eat HEALTHIER and SAVE MONEY – both at home and on the trail. Contact us with any questions. Follow this link to check out the Thrive Food selections. CLICK HERE.


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