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VERSATILE Insulated Tent: Hot Tent Camping, 4-Season Camping, Ice Fishing!


This large, insulated tent provides MAXIMUM utility 12-months of the year! The HUGE octagon shape encloses 142 square feet of open space. This is comparable to a 10' x 14' tent, but unlike traditional square tents, the eight sides deflect the wind better and provide more headroom.


Unlike cabin or wall tents, this XL Octagon tent also sets up in less than FIVE MINUTES! The tent poles are permanently attached. You simply pop out the eight sides, then raise the roof. (Packing up is just as fast!)


  • It is a four-season camping tent. The windows include removable clear covers backed by insect netting for perfect ventilation. It will sleep four to six campers or backcountry hunters.
  • It is a winter camping hot tent.  The insulated tent holds the heat for comfort in winter camping and backcountry hunting camps. It is designed for use with either a vented wood or propane stove – or an exterior diesel heater. The triple-layer insulated tent helps eliminate condensation common in thin nylon tents. Enjoy a warm camp and cook inside, out of the cold.
  • Either remove the floor or open the zippered panels to convert the insulated tent into a family-size ice fishing shelter. 
  • Or combine all of these options for a camping shelter on the frozen lake. This is a versatile insulated tent that you will enjoy 12-months of the year.


You can set up this insulated tent ANYWHERE. The tent unpacks from the 77-pound bundle and pops up in less than five minutes. One person can set up (and take down) this tent - but two are even faster. The poles are attached. All you need to do is stake out the corners - ground/ice stakes are included. (Optional side guy ropes are provided for use in high winds.) 


The hot tent is constructed from quilted, fire-retardant fabric to retain heat. The tent is DESIGNED for wood-burning stoves and includes a high-temperature roof jack for the stove pipe. (Several wood stove options are available separately for heating and cooking.)


Air vents and the two large, zippered doors improve stove combustion and maintain indoor air quality. The mobile tent has quality, water-repellant denier fabric that will stand up to the elements. A “snow skirt” is attached to the bottom of the tent to help eliminate cold drafts. The outer skirt can also be used to secure the tent to a deck or driveway with bricks or blocks.


XL Mobile Hot Tent Features:

  • Pop-up construction allows one person to set the tent up in minutes.
  • The 3-layer portable insulated tent retains heat and prevents condensation.
  • Quilted denier fabric repels water and withstands the elements.
  • Two large zipper doors on opposite corners for ease of entry and ventilation.
  • Clear windows with insulated privacy covers. The windows also include insect netting.
  • Lower and upper vents for fresh air intake.
  • Stove jack for vented wood or propane stove.
  • Lower inlet and exhaust ports also accommodate diesel heaters.**
  • Stake attachment points at the base and on the side walls of the tent for continued use in any season.
  • Large, roomy carrying case.


* WE currently have TWO color choices - so please check for availability. This hot tent INCLUDES shipping to most locations in the U.S. See also The Great Out There DISCOUNTED packages that include the hot tent and your choice of stoves, heat shields, and more. Options include delivery and set-up, propane heaters**, rocks for the sauna stove, fire-proof floor protector, wood sauna benches, cold plunge tubs – whatever you need! Contact us for custom packages.


** The use of UNVENTED propane heaters is not recommended unless constant supervision is provided, along with carbon monoxide monitors.

XL Insulated Octagon Hot Tent

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