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Riding a Mini-Moto Scrambler: Sedona Dual Sport!

Enjoying the beautiful Red Rocks of Sedona - by mini-moto scrambler!

I traveled to the Red Rock country outside of Sedona, Arizona to take in the sights - and enjoy riding a mini-moto scrambler. This area draws several MILLION tourists each year from around the world. The scenery is like NO OTHER place!

While most tourists spend hundreds of dollars to take guided Jeep tours, or rent Jeeps, side-by-sides, or ATVs - I chose to explore the backcountry by motorcycle. Not your typical dual sport motorcycle, though. I was riding a tiny 126cc "mini-moto" scrambler motorcycle.

Mini-motorcycles are often considered toys, or cycles worthy of short rides across town. But I have THOUSANDS of miles of dual sport motorcycle riding experience. MOST dual sport routes are gravel and dirt roads, and most riding is under 25 miles per hour.

You DON'T need a big, powerful motocross bike for the typical dual sport adventure! A mini-moto scrambler is a VERY capable option for the riding enjoyed by MOST people.

As shown, a mini-moto scrambler is light and easy to transport to the trail head. I stopped at the overlook on the Mongollon Rim below Flagstaff, Arizona (about 6,500 feet elevation) to survey the Verde Valley. This green belt in the desert is watered by the Verde River flowing through Cottonwood and Oak Creek which flows down from Sedona.

Approaching Sedona from any direction, you are treated to unique and breathtaking scenery.

I drove south to Forest Road 525 to start my ride, then proceded back towards the Indian ruins at the base of Bear Mountain. Here are just a few of the sights along the way:

The Sedona area is not a motocross riding destination. While there are many miles of mountain bike trails, there are no specific offroad motorcycle trails. Instead, there are many miles of backroads and OHV trails that are open to licensed vehicles. Here again, the mini-moto scrambler was a great choice. I was able to ride in the backcountry as well as ride the street-legal motorcycle anywhere in town or on the connecting highways.

Best of all, I was able to enjoy the backcountry at 100 miles per gallon. You can ride all day for less than $5.00 with a mini-moto scrambler!

Here is a short video of the mini-moto Scrambler in action on the Coconino National Forest roads, west of Sedona:

Read more dual sport motorcycle content at the blog. See also for information on light motorcycle touring - the crossover with bikepacking. is your home for all the FUN of small motorcycles!

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Jul 07

See also for the FUN and ECONOMY of the small motorcycles!

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