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Is Overland Overspending Mandatory?

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Overlanding and spending too much money? Worth every penny!

Why promote a group called Overland Overspenders? Why would you overpay for gear? The name may suggest that we are intentionally overpaying for our gear, but that's not the point. "Overlanding" gear can be expensive and that's where the group name, Overland Overspenders originated. But there is more to the name.

Overlanding often involves going off the beaten path and exploring remote areas. Having the right gear makes these adventures possible. Overlanding allows us to create memories that will last a lifetime. Our group agrees: these memories are priceless.

Overlanding gear provides safety, comfort, and ensures our happiness while at camp or on the road. This includes camping equipment like rooftop tents, 12-volt fridge freezers, and comfortable camp chairs. We also happily "overspend" on vehicle modifications such as lift kits, along with off-road tires and rims.

The memories and experiences are only possible because of our gear. The more we use it, the more experiences we accumulate. The price? It's a bargain!

As an overlander, I will admit, I do look at the gear and consider the "cool factor" and how it looks. But I also want my gear to be functional and compact. The best gear often costs more. Overland overspending serves an important purpose.

There is nothing better than pulling up to an epic beachfront spot or mountain waterfall, popping open your rooftop tent, pulling a cold beverage out of your fridge, starting a campfire, and enjoying the evening with someone you love. Because spending quality time with friends, and the ones you love is priceless and that's what it's about and why our gear is worth every nickel.

Gregory Hanlan is the moderator of the Overland Overspenders Facebook group. Want to learn more about overland overspending? You can also follow him on Instagram @overland_overspenders and @overlandoverspenders on YouTube.

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