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Backcountry Eats Minestrone Soup

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

How to prepare this "Big Soup" in advance for hearty meals at camp - or at home!

Kevin Ride of the YouTube channel "Kevin Outdoors" has a passion for the outdoors - AND eating well in camp! He has been backcountry tripping for over 25 years. Over that time, he has been perfecting recipes and experimenting with dehydrating these meals and campsite cooking techniques.

Kevin has complied over 100 recipes in his new book, Backcountry Eats. This new book is an invaluable resource for meal planning, food dehydration techniques, and cooking and baking options. The content will help you prepare better meals in less time, and at a savings over prepackaged "camping meals". I highly recommend this book for all backcountry travelers including backpackers, canoe trippers, as well as van dwellers and overlanders who want to save time, water, and cooking fuel.

One of the recipes in Backcountry Eats that you will look forward to after a day of adventure, especially in the cold and rain, is Minestrone Soup. This recipe can be prepared as a vegetarian meal, or you can add diced chicken, ham, or sausage crumbles. You can serve this as a satisfying soup, or thicken the base with a little flour or dumplings for a "rib-sticking" stew.

Here is a video of Kevin preparing Minestrone Soup from scratch in the kitchen, then dehydrating it for storage, and finally rehydrating it as a fast meal on a cold day.

The complete recipe for Minestrone Soup is found in the Soups, Chowders & Stews section of Backcountry Eats. Click HERE to order your copy. You will also enjoy over 100 other recipes for simple one pot meals, plus fruit leather, jerky, granola bars, bannock, and hot drinks.

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