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Wood-Fired Sauna Stove


This wood stove is designed to provide the PERFECT sauna experience! This welded steel stove will quickly heat your sauna - portable tent sauna or permanent sauna up to 200 square feet. The top of the stove has a steel rim to contain the sauna rocks - not included. The stove door has a positive latch. There is a lower draft control. Combined with the large firebox, you have total control over the temperature of the sauna and the amount of steam desired.


This stove is fabricated in the U.S. from 1/8” and 1/16" steel, precision cut by CNC laser, then fully welded. No thin, riveted sheet metal like cheap stoves. This welded sauna stove is super-strong and is built to last! Enjoy the ambiance of the wood fire in your sauna from the 5” x 7” glass window. The mass of the steel and rocks will maintain the temperature in your sauna and help conserve firewood.



Weight: 25 pounds (without the stove pipes)

Overall Stove Dimensions: 20” tall x 10” wide x 17” deep

Firebox dimensions: 14" tall x 10” wide x 17” deep

Max Log Length: 17”

Stove Material: 1/16" and 1/8” steel, with high-temp paint

Stove Pipe Opening Diameter: 4”

Sauna Square Footage: up to 200 sq ft

Fuel: Dry Wood

Certifications: None. The User assumes all responsibility for safe placement and operation. This stove is NOT approved for any commercial or residential structure.


Recommended distance from stove to combustibles: 36”. That distance can be reduced to 12” if a non-combustible heat shield is used -as shown in the photos.


Note: this is a heavy and bulky item to ship. The retail price is FOB Marshfield, WI. Additional shipping costs may be added, if required.


This stove does NOT include the required stove pipes or other fittings. It is recommended that these generic parts are sourced locally to save added shipping costs. For our insulated sauna tents, you will need #1 x 4" stove pipe, 4" damper, 4" x 3" reducer, #2 x 3" stove pipes and a rain cap. The estimated cost is less than $100.00.


Also Note: this stove REQUIRES a heat reflector or guard between it and the hot tent/sauna tent. Some users have added a welding blanket. Metal or cement boards are also effective. TGOT has folding heat reflectors constructed from corrugated metal panels for sale for $99.99.

PREMIUM Wood Sauna Stove

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