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Stainless Steel Wood-Fired Sauna Stove/Hot Tent Stove


This wood stove is desined to provide the PERFECT sauna experience! This stainless steel stove will quickly heat your sauna - or hot tent. The top of the stove provides a large area to arrange the sauna rocks (not included) for perfect "loyli" steam. You have total control over the temperature of the sauna, and the amount of steam desired.


This stove is fabricated from precision cut stainless steel, then fully welded. No thin, bolted sheet metal like other cheap stoves. This sauna stove is super-strong and reliable. It can heat your sauna tent up to 200-degrees - or your desired temperature. It will withstand the torture of dousing with water. This is a stove built to last!


A large firebox allows you to use bigger splits of wood, plus odd shaped pieces compared to smaller stoves. The stove has an ash clean-out tray, ven