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Enjoy A Sauna By The Weekend, Week, or Month! (NOT a Sauna Rental!)

Updated: Nov 10

Would you like to enjoy the luxury of a wood-fired sauna in your backyard? We will deliver the sauna experience anywhere!

Now you can experience the relaxation and health benefits of a hot sauna at home. will supply a portable sauna, complete with wood-fired sauna stove. Make a special occasion even better. Take a “stay-cation” to the next level. Pair the recovery properties of a hot sauna with an athletic competition or health challenge. Or rely on the heat and steam of the sauna to overcome everyday stress and melt away tension.

Short-term packages start at only $165.00 for a four-day, three-night sauna experience. Enjoy unlimited sauna sessions for your family and guests. packages include everything you will need: portable sauna, sauna stove, bench, water bucket and ladle to produce healing, comforting, and invigorating “loyly” steam! We even provide firewood and rocks – you simply add water.

The package is completely portable. Set up the sauna in your backyard - or take it with you to the lake or campground. provides FREE delivery in the Marshfield area. We also provide delivery outside a 20-mile radius, plus set up and take down for an additional fee.

Contact us to schedule a Mobile Sauna experience. will match your schedule, from two days to two months!

Here are the details of the Limited Purchase program:

Need a sauna for ONLY a few days, or a few weeks? The Great Out There now introduces the Portable Sauna Limited Purchase/Buy Back Program. If your need is only for the short term, you can return your sauna and receive a pro-rated credit.

These are the steps in the mobile sauna Limited Purchase/Buy Back Program - and how this is NOT a "sauna rental":

1. The Great Out There supplies a sauna tent and stove package. Both the tent and stove have been inspected to ensure that there are no manufacturer’s warranty issues. At the Buyer’s option and for local customers, we will also supply sauna rocks, benches, delivery, and set up. *

2. The Buyer OWNS the sauna package. The Buyer can use the sauna as often and as long as he/she chooses. There is NO obligation to ever return the items.

3. When the event or occasion is over, the Buyer returns the sauna tent and stove, bench, and other accessories. The Buyer either delivers the items to The Great Out There (that is, our closest location) or ships the items – at the Buyer’s expense.

4. The Great Out There performs a cleaning and inspection of the sauna tent and stove. The Great Out There then issues a refund to the Buyer based on the following schedule: **

  • An 85% refund if returned within FOUR days from the date of receipt by the Buyer. For example, pick up the sauna package on Friday afternoon and return it the following Monday morning. The standard 6’ x 6’ sauna tent and sauna stove package, plus firewood bundle, sauna stove rocks, bench, bucket and ladle costs $1,199.00 (not including delivery or set up, plus sales tax.) The 85% refund equals $1,020.00, making the NET cost only $179.00. (Note that the same rate applies to the FIVE-day period from Monday afternoon to Friday morning!)

  • A 75% refund if returned within EIGHT days from the date of receipt by the Buyer. For example, pick up the sauna package on Saturday afternoon and return it a week later on the following Saturday morning. The standard sauna tent and sauna stove package, plus firewood bundle, sauna stove rocks, bench, bucket and ladle costs $1,199.00 (not including delivery or set up, plus sales tax.) The 75% refund equals $899.00, making the NET cost only $300.00 per week.

  • A 50% refund if returned any time after one week or up to 60 days. In this example, the standard package above that cost $1,199.00 would receive a refund of $600.00, making the NET cost for up to 60-days of usage equal to $599.00.

  • In all cases, the actual refund amount will be reduced for any damage that requires repairs to the sauna tent or stove. Routine cleaning and restocking costs are included in the standard refund schedule.

To repeat, this is NOT a “rental”. The Buyer OWNS the portable sauna package. The Buyer is charged the full price for the selected mobile sauna package UPFRONT. No refund is guaranteed until and unless the complete package is returned. Only then is the applicable refund calculated, based on the schedule above.

The Buyer can use the sauna as often and as long as he/she chooses. Unlike other rental offers, there is NO obligation to ever return the sauna package. Instead, you PURCHASE the sauna package and then have the option to return it at any time up to 60 days for the stated refund. Whether a weekend occasion or the summer at the lake, the net cost is far lower than expensive rental packages that charge by the day, or in some cases, by the hour! **

But you’ve been warned: Everyone LOVES saunas! The benefits of this wood-fired sauna are addictive and cumulative. We have found that many Buyers change their minds and decide to KEEP the sauna package for use at home - or for use again at the same event next year.

*Except for sauna packages that are shipped, we will also provide 1 bucket of firewood, 1 bucket of sauna rocks, a portable bench, plus a water bucket with ladle. This is an added cost of $100.00 over the tent and stove alone. You will need to provide water to douse the sauna rocks, cool down between sessions, and wash afterwards. We can also supply tubs for cold water plunging between sauna sessions. Due to the weight and bulk, we can’t supply buckets, benches, or sauna rocks in the packages that we ship.

Sauna packages are delivered for free in a 20-mile radius of Marshfield, WI. This only applies to the delivery of the sauna tent, stove, and accessories. Set up is an added charge of $50.00; and disassembly of the sauna tent and components is an added charge of $50.00. Delivery and return pick up of the sauna package beyond 20-miles is charged at $1.00 per mile.

** Why do we charge the FULL amount if the sauna package will be returned later? You OWN the mobile sauna package! This is a special package that is designed for portability. You can take it ANYWHERE - home, on vacation, out of state, or out of this country. In addition, there are no serial numbers, no registered parts. We don't verify your identity, do a credit check, or put a hold on your credit card. Your credit card is charged the FULL PRICE of the mobile sauna package. You can compare the refund to a rental deposit – but there is NO refund if the package is not returned. You may intend to return the package after the weekend, but then keep it for a month. Or – you may decide that you like the sauna package so much that you want to keep it permanently. It’s your decision. We will provide a refund based on the timing of the return – if and when this occurs. No refund is processed if you destroy the sauna package, lose it or have it stolen, give it to a friend, or sell it at a profit. As the owner of the package, you assume 100% responsibility upon receipt.

One final note: Each mobile sauna package also includes a Liability Waiver. We are providing a stove that can be VERY dangerous! You can suffer severe burns if not used cautiously. Rowdy behavior will result in injuries and/or damage to the sauna package. Children are NEVER allowed to be unsupervised! As the sauna Buyer, you assume full responsibility for the proper use of this equipment and release The Great Out There (dba STRadvantage, LLC) of all liability. The full Waiver of Liability is provided with each package. Your participation in the Sauna is voluntary and acknowledges your agreement with all the conditions and the full Release of Liability The terms of this Release are in effect and are not contingent on the receipt of a signed copy of this Waiver.

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