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Rooftop Tent and Camping Trailer Rental

A complete overlanding camping trailer and premium rooftop tent for your next adventure - OR glamping in the backyard!

"Overlanding" is defined as travel into remote areas by vehicle. Overlanding enables exploration of routes and destinations off the beaten path, away from the crowds, and provides the opportunities to camp in secluded sites. You can explore hundreds or thousands of miles while letting the vehicle carry your camping gear and supplies.

Overlanding means that your vehicle carries your gear and supplies. The "comfort factor" is exponentially higher than backpacking, bikepacking, canoe tripping, etc.

Overlanding also provides the option to enjoy a pristine campsite all to yourself! If you choose, you can travel far beyond the range of any RV. Overlanding is "minimalist" in comparison to RVs that cost $50,000, $75,000 or more. And yet, overlanders treasure the sights and travel experiences that RVers will never enjoy.

Rooftop Tent and camping trailer rental

Overlanding has become synonymous with rooftop tents. Rooftop tents have many advantages over ground tents:

  1. The set-up takes only minutes. So does the packing process.

  2. As soon as the rooftop tent is open, your bed is made! The next morning, you can pack the RTT with your bedding enclosed inside.

  3. You bed is always flat, dry, and elevated above the rough, cold, and muddy ground that makes tent camping miserable.

  4. You have the added security of camping above puddles of rainwater. You are also above all the creatures that walk and slither through your campsite during the night!

But rooftop tents can also be a hassle. Combining a rooftop tent with a camping trailer provides HUGE benefits:

  1. You can tow a lightweight trailer with almost any vehicle. You DON'T need a special rack to install a rooftop tent on your vehicle. The lower profile of the RTT on the trailer makes driving easier.

  2. It is much easier to level a trailer than your vehicle.

  3. Once you arrive at your campsite, your vehicle is free for exploring the area or trips into town. Your tow vehicle can also be used to carry kayaks, a canoe, bikes, etc.

  4. The trailer greatly expands your carrying capacity for camping gear, outdoor equipment, firewood, and more.

  5. In between camping trips, you aren't forced to drive around with the rooftop tent on your vehicle. (Most vehicles with RTTs can't fit in the garage. However, if you have space, the packed rooftop tent and trailer will fit in any garage!)

The cost of a rooftop tent and camping trailer is a significant investment. The cost is a fraction of any other camper - but still a stretch for many people. Others may only need the camping package for a few weeks of vacation - or a special weekend.

The Great Out There has assembled a Camping Trailer and Rooftop Tent RENTAL package!

The "Overlanding LITE" package is a turnkey solution to those who wish to experience the freedom of overlanding. This package includes the Overlanding LITE trailer and the customized Nimbus rooftop tent.

The Overlanding LITE trailer has a 4' x 6' bed for all your camping gear. This trailer has been outfitted with an 800-pound capacity rack, rear stabilizer jacks, and front swivel tongue jack. It has upgraded 13" radial tires for easy towing and ground clearance.

The Nimbus Rooftop Tent is built by 4x4 Colorado. It is a unique design with FIVE windows for maximum ventilation. It has THREE doors on the sides and back.

This tent has a comfy foam/memory foam mattress. Inside the tent you will find storage pockets and an LED light strip. The hard shell rooftop tent also has THREE crossbars on the roof to carry kayaks, paddle boards, bikes, etc.

This Camping Trailer and Rooftop Tent Rental package weighs less than 500-pounds and can be towed by any vehicle - including small SUVs and even Hybrids. (Your tow vehicle needs a 2" trailer ball and the standard 4-wire flat trailer harness.)

For rentals by the weekend, or for multiple weeks, CLICK HERE or please follow this link to our booking site at Outdoorsy:

Unhitch at your campsite for freedom to explore without the necessity to pack your camp. Want to experience "glamping" in your backyard or at a local campground? The Great Out There can arrange for delivery (at an added cost, within 100 miles of our location in Marshfield, Wisconsin). We can also supply other amenities including a propane fire pit, exterior LED lighting, camp chairs, fishing kayak, and more!

Renting the Overlanding LITE camping trailer and rooftop tent is the perfect way to try this lifestyle. Try it before you buy it! With our Rent-to-Own option, you can apply 100% of your first rental cost to the purchase price!

Purchase this assembled combination at a savings over buying all these components separately - not counting shipping and labor costs. Click HERE to visit The Great Out There store. Financing is also available - Interest FREE for several months or with an extended payment plan.

Rooftop Tent and camping trailer rental

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